Tresmond & Tresmond LLP is Western New York’s dedicated firm with a focus on elder law. Our attorneys understand the issues facing elderly people and their families because we have lived through those very same issues ourselves. Our attorneys bring a message of good news that no matter what is happening in a person’s life with one’s health or family, the law is compassionate and provides hope.

Elder law, simply put, is the area of law involving legal issues facing elderly and disabled people. The elderly represent a population which has spent their entire lives building our society and raising our families. Without the elderly, today’s society would not exist. The elderly are our parents and grandparents, and they deserve the representation of a firm who understands precisely how various areas of law interact to produce workable solutions to often difficult issues –  solutions that enhance the quality of a person’s life and help to ensure that a person has a longer and happier life..

We represent both elderly persons and their families. Our typical client is probably very much like you. Our attorneys work hand in hand with families, their physicians, and their caregivers to ensure that our clients receive the highest caliber representation. Our clients know that we will never stop fighting to protect them.

New York law provides us with the vehicles that provide solutions to even the most vexing elder law issues. Whether you are seeking Article 81 guardianship of a loved one, have a Medicare or Medicaid issue, or simply want to discuss planning for long term care, call us today and let our experienced attorneys protect you. We believe that the family is the fundamental locus of all good things in this world, and we believe in treating our clients like our family.

At Tresmond & Tresmond LLP, we firmly believe that where there is help, there is hope. Let us help you today.

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