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Welcome to Tresmond Law, your home on the Internet for expert litigation and legal services in Western New York. Tresmond Law is committed to providing you excellent legal counsel and representation in all of our areas of expertise. Our experienced legal team will ensure that your case is given the individual care and attention necessary needed to ensure the best possible outcome for your needs. Our legal team is comprised of experienced legal experts, statisticians, and engineers who are able to analyze your problems to develop the best strategy for your situation.

Led by experienced trial attorney James D. Tresmond, Esq., the staff is committed to treating our clients in a supportive and and professional manner that places their needs as the firm’s number one priority.

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James D. Tresmond, Esq.

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“It is critical that every American join us in our effort to rein in the current assault on our Constitution, and restore the principal that the government derives its power from, and only from, consent of the Governed.”

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