Real Estate

Our attorneys treat each real estate matter as a unique transaction and give each of our clients the utmost attention and care. Sometimes, the cases that appear to be the simplest are fraught with the most tripwires that could cost you thousands of dollars in damages. Our attorneys are experienced with handling real estate matters and can ensure that the title you are acquiring is free from any defects. It has been our pride to help countless individuals avoid hidden costs and pitfalls in dealing with purchases, mortgages, and associated taxes. We are here to reduce your costs and give you the peace of mind that comes with buying quality real estate. 

We can handle: 

  • Purchase transactionsReal estate purchaser or buyer side transactions (including financing, coop offering plans, condominium offering plans, real estate appraisals, land surveys, title abstracts and engineer’s reports) 

  • Sales transactions

  • Closings

  • Real Property Actions and Proceedings

  • Special Proceedings

  • Actions to Partition

  • Evictions

  • Reformation and cancellation of lease agreements

  • Actions to recover real property 

  • Brokerage agreements

Our fee structure is designed to keep costs to a minimum and expedite your matter as quickly as possible. Call us today for a free consult